Tagfaster Twin Tag

Tagfaster Twin Tag

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Tagfaster twin tags for breeding sheep or lambs to be kept beyond 12 months before slaughter allow efficient and humane compliance with the UK and EU tagging regulations. With a wide range of colours, the tagfaster system makes flock management easier than ever before!

If the new lambs on your farm in England and Wales are to be kept as breeding sheep, beyond 12 months, they need to be identified with a pair of breeding tags. One is a yellow electronic (EID) Tag which should be attached to the sheep’s left ear and the other is differently coloured visual tag for the right ear. The pair of tags are printed with your unique flock mark, prefixed with a zero. The individual animal is identified with another five digit animal number printed afterwards.

Breeding Sheep Tag Colour Rules

The Electronic tag is always Yellow and the visual tag can be any colour except yellow, red or black.
Red is to show that tags have been replaced. Both visual and electronic replacements need to be red, including when the tag loss and replacement happen off the holding where the animal was born.
Black visual tags are far rarer in the UK and signify that the animal has an internal Bolus EID tag.


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