Complying With Legislation

To comply with legislation set by the British Cattle Movement Service, beef calves must have a yellow plastic primary cattle ear tag fitted within 20 days post-birth to help with tracing, prevent theft and control disease outbreaks. That’s even sooner for dairy calves, who should have primary ear tags fitted within 36 hours post-birth.

We pride ourselves on working with livestock farmers to make cattle tagging as easy as it possibly can be. At Tynedale 4 Tags, we have a wide range of cattle ear tags and ear tagging accessories available to buy online for delivery, or for same day local collection in Wigton, Cumbria.

We also offer custom cattle ear tags and blank tags, and all our tags are suitable for a range of cattle:  dairy, beef and special breeds.

To help make things easier, we can deliver to farms in our local area, or send via same day postal delivery when you order before 2pm (excluding weekends).