New Run Cattle Tags

New Run Cattle Tags

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We offer a wide range of primary and secondary, high quality new run cattle tags, all designed with durability and retention in mind. All our cattle tags are field tested under UK conditions. They’re also suitable for various types of cattle, including beef and dairy, and we are approved to supply the following types of new cattle ear tags (both primary and secondary):

  • Large Flexi Tags (Primary or Secondary)
  • Medium Flexi Tags (Primary or Secondary)
  • Small Flexi Tags (Secondary)
  • Metal Ketchum (Secondary)

We use the Flexa range of tags, providing a quality tested and cost effective cattle tagging solution.

When you order new run cattle tags from us, we’ll need to know your herd mark and your County Parish Holding (CPH) number. We’ll use this to access BCM’s ear tag allocation system database, and generate a run of new cattle identification numbers. These will be printed on your tags. We offer special laser printing on your cattle tags, should you need it.

Please don’t order more new run cattle tags than you expect to use within a year.

Our customer service team is on hand to help you find the right new run cattle tags. We’re based in Cumbria, so fast local collection is available, but we can ship to any UK address.

To order, simply complete our order form and we’ll be in touch. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

At Tynedale 4 Tags, a part of Tynedale Farm Services, we’re a British Cattle Movement Service (BCM) approved supplier of cattle ear tags. We know that tagging is essential for management of your livestock, and for disease control, and we want to make tagging your cattle as easy as possible.

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