Cattle Tag Applicator

Cattle Ear Tag Applicator Tool

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At Tyndale 4 Tags we understand the importance of efficient beef and dairy herd management, and we want to make cattle tagging, with our range of plastic ear tags, as easy as possible.

Our cattle ear tag applicator tool works with a range of cattle and sheep ear tags. While we hope these would have been supplied by ourselves, our cattle tag applicator tool can be used on livestock ear tags not supplied by Tynedale 4 Tags.

This tool creates a precise, clear cut hole that aids the application of both cattle and sheep ear tags. The right application, plus the durability of our ear tags, is crucial for a high retention rate.

Made from stainless steel, our durable ear tag applicator price gives great value and reliability, backed up by the expertise of our customer service team, here to help make sure you get the right product for your needs. Call us if you have any questions about our cattle ear tag pliers, or any of our other tagging accessories. We look forward to becoming your ear tag applicator suppliers of choice in Cumbria or across the UK!